Characteristics and Principles of Vent Butterfly Valve

Characteristics of vent butterfly valve

1. The structure of vent butterfly valve is welded by center line disc and short steel plate, having compact structure, light weight, convenience for installation, small flow resistance, high flow capacity. It is not affected by high temperature expansion.
2. Vent butterfly valve does not have connecting rod or bolts, having reliability, long service life. It can be installed at any positions without limitation of medium flow direction.

Principles of vent butterfly valve

Vent butterfly valve is equipped with electric actuator so that disc can rotate at angle of 90 degree to on-off valve or control flow rate. At present, vent butterfly valve has been widely used as component to cut off or control flow in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power, etc. Sealing form of valve adopts sealing structure. Sealing face is made of rubber, PTFE or other materials. For limitation of structure, vent butterfly is not suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion or abrasion.

Tips for installing vent butterfly vale

1. Installation position, height and direction of exit and entrance must conform to design requirements.
2. Medium flow direction must be in accordance with direction of arrow on valve
3. Connection must be firm and tight.
Appearance of vale must be inspected before installation. Data plat must accord with GB12220. For the valve whose working pressure is higher than 1.0MPa and it is used to cut off medium in main pipe, strength and sealing must be tested in advance. It can be only used if it is qualified. During strength testing, testing pressure is 1.5 times of nominal pressure. Sustaining time is no less than 5 minutes. The valve without leakage on shell and packing is qualified. During sealing test, testing pressure is 1.1 times of nominal pressure. Sustaining time must accord with the requirements of GB50243.
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