China'Valves Industry Focuses on Technical Innovation

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In recent years, China's valve industry has good standard, stable price and good prospect of market for developing. To respond national appeal, energy conservation has become principle and objective in developing valve industry. China's valve industry has two development directions. One is developing single specie into multispecies and various specifications. The other is developing into energy conservation.
With accelerating recombination of valve industry, the competition will focus on technical innovation, quality safety and brand in the future. Product will be shifted to having the characteristics of high technology,  high parameter, excellent corrosion resistance and long service life. The other aspect of energy development is energy conservation. From energy conservation into consideration, developing stem strap for having subcritical or supercritical high parameter can meet the requirements of mechanical equipment for low energy consumption.
With developing for several years, China's valve industry has already been mature. For more and more competitive in market, parts of valve market have already approached to saturation, caused oversupplying. Small corporations is hard to survive during competition. Currently, high-end valves still depend on import which is the field that domestic valve industry need to develop in the future, promoting China's valve industry into international market. Under the guidance of policies and the support of technical innovation, high-end valves have a bright future.
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