Control Valve Market Enhancing Digitization

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Oil price fell again, causing negative effects on control valve market while China was stimulating domestic consumption to relieve descending range of control valve. With technology developing, control valve should not be limited on control function. It should develop to diversification, exploiting market. 
Analysts review, “Although control valve suppliers are facing with some serious negative factors, nuclear business, after sales service and current valve devices will continue bringing opportunities in the future, to meet the demands of digitization updating, effectively easing the influences of negative factors. “
Globe valve, ball valve and butterfly valve are usually applied in various industries. Relevant locators of digital valve are becoming more important due to combination of operation technology and information technology in industrial production. The combination of operation technology and information technology makes control valve more intelligent. 
Locators and actuators of digital valve provide large numbers of information on performance, maintenance and operation of valve to manufacturers. When sharing with plant asset management, the information will become more convenient for operation, helping reduce maintenance cost, exerting availability of plant assert furthest and improving profitability in the end. Many final users have already realized that control valve is not just only a simple final control element. It has been developed into a key factor for assert performance management. 
Control Valve Market Enhancing Digitization
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