Electric Butterfly Valve Introduction

1.Definition of Electric Butterfly Valve
An electric butterfly valveis a kind of valves used in industrial pipelines frequently. The butterfly valve is favored by its small size, less material consumption and light weight. Compared with other valves, the larger the caliber of a butterfly valve is, the more economical it becomes. It is quite easy to operate the electric actuator because it works by rotating a quarter turn slowly. Meanwhile, this kind of valve has great fluid control .

When the butterfly valve is fully opened, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance for the medium flowing through the valve body. Given this reason, the pressure drop caused by passing the butterfly valve is small.
When the butterfly is opened at 15°to 70°, it can still control the fluid very well. So the butterfly valve has greater advantage when it comes to the flow regulation of the large caliber butterfly valve. However, it is not suitable for process mediums with particles and high temperatures.
2. Advantages and disadvantages of electric butterfly valve
1. It is convenient to open and close, with small flow resistance.
2. It has simple structure, small size and light weight.
3. It is available to deliver mud besides common media with little liquid accumulated in the pipe opening.
4. Its great sealing performance can be guaranteed even under low pressure condition.
5. It has excellent regulation performance. 

1. It is greatly limited by pressure and working temperature.
2. It has bad sealing performance in several conditions.
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