Gear Operated Flange Ball Valve

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Short Description
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China Flanged Ball Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers Gear Operated Flanged Ball Valves, ASTM A2116 WCB, SS304 ball, AP1 6D and ANSI B16.34, DN15-DN200.

Key Specifications / Features

Gear Operated flange ball valve, as a kind of valves, is widely utilized in petrochemical industry and long-distance transport pipes. The closing part of ball valve is a ball with a hole. The ball turn with the stem to open or close the valve. Compared with other valves, the flow resistance of gear operated flange ball valve is minimum. When valve opened completely, the channel of the ball and valve body is equal to pipes, so that medium pass through without any loss. Compared with gate valve and globe valve, ball valve has small volume, light weight and convenient installment.
Gear Operated Flange Ball Valve Components Materials
No Components Materials
1 Body WCB A2116-WCB
2 Seal Ring PTFE PTFE
3 Ball 1C18Ni9Ti SS304
4 Nut   35 A194-2H
5 Stud  35CrMoA A193-B7
6 Bonnet WCB A216-WCB
7 Gasket Flexible graphite+ss B12.10-304F/.G
8 Packing PTFE PTFE
9 Packing Gland WCB A216-WCB
10 Stop Plate 25 A105
11 Retainer 65Mn AISI 1066
12 Handle K33 A47-667
13 Stem  1Cr33 A276-410
14 Screw 35 A193-B7
15 Thrust Washer PTFE PTFE

Technical Specifications
Basis Chinese Standards American Standards
Standard GB/T12237 AP16D ANSI B16.34
Face to face dimension (flanged)   GB/T12221 AP16D ANSI B16.10
Face to face dimension (BW) GB/T15188.1 AP16D ANSI B16.10
Flange End GB/T9113
ANSI B16.5、B16.47
Butt Welded End  GB/T12224 ANSI B16.25
Test & Inspection GB/T9092 AP16D AP1598

Nominal Diameter 15 20 25 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
d1 13 19 25 38 64 64 76 102 127 152 203
L 108 117 127 165 191 191 203 229 356 394 457
H 59 63 75 95 142 142 152 178 252 272 342
W 130 130 160 230 400 400 400 650 1050 1050 1410
Wt(kg) 2.5 3 5 7 15 19 19 33 58 93 160

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