Hard Sealed Forged Steel Floating Ball Valves

Working principles of forged steel floating ball valves
A floating ball valve adopts the structure with the floating ball supported by the valve seat. The valve ball can move by the pressure of media and then the outlet of the valve seat's sealing ring is sealed by the valve ball. 

A ball valve, according to the valve structure, can be classified as the one-piece ball valve and the split ball valve. When a floating ball valve is made of forged steel, it is called the forging steel floating ball valve.

Forged steel is treated by the cold working processes, such as the cold forging, the cold heading, the forging and the stamping processes, for making the material have the compact microstructure and the improved crystal structure. Thus, to a large extent, the strength and the toughness of the materials are enhanced.

Compared with the other valves, the forged steel valve is especially resistant to high pressures and high temperatures. With the self sealing design, the higher the pressures becomes, the better the sealing performance of the valve is. Due to the characteristic of the technology and the working conditions, the forged steel valves becomes irreplaceable in certain working environments.

Hard sealed forged steel floating ball valves
The hard sealed sealing forged steel floating ball valve which has the sealing ring made of special polymeric materials has the outstanding anti-static property, the sealing performance, capabilities of corrosive resistance and sulfidation resistance. At the same time, the forged steel floating ball valve has wide ranges of the working pressure and temperature, and can adopt either the full bore design or the reduced bore design. Furthermore, various types of valve actuators also can be used for the hard sealed forged steel ball valve

The forged steel ball valve is ideal for the chemical industry, the petroleum refining, the gas exploitation and the natural gas transportation. The forged steel ball valve with hard sealing can even meet the requirement of the sulfide treatment.

Characteristics of the hard sealed forged steel floating ball valve
The hard sealed forged steel floating ball valve is convenient for operation and able to be opened and closed rapidly. It requires only a quarter-turn operation to fully open and close the hard sealed forged steel floating ball valve, which is adapted to the remote control.

The structure of the hard sealed forged steel floating ball valve is quite simple and the sealing ring of the valve is moveable. Thus, it is convenient for the replacement and the disassembly of the valve. With the nominal diameter from a few millimeters to several meters, the valve gets the extensive applications and can be used under the high vacuum and the high pressure conditions. When this kind of forged steel ball valve is fully opened and closed, the sealing surfaces of the valve ball and the valve seat are not in contact with the media. So the sealing surface of the forged steel ball valve won't be corroded when the media pass through the flow channel.
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