Integrated Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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Short Description
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China Integrated Ball Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers Integrated Ball Valves in stainless steel, Ductile iron & carbon steel for petroleum, etc.

Key Specifications / Features

Applicable Medium: Water, Gas, acids like heat transfer oil
Working Temperature: ≤350℃    
Integrated stainless steel ball valve uses new sealing material as its valve seat. Compared with the ball valve with PTFE seat, the service life of integrated stainless steel ball valve is higher by 3 times ~ 5 times. Integrated stainless steel ball valve has the advantages of reliable sealing, small friction force, heat resistance, corrosion resistance. The face to face dimension of integrated ball valve coincide with globe valve, plunger valve and drain valve, which expends its application range. Integrated stainless steel ball valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking and other industries, and can replace globe valve, plunger valve and drain valve.
Performance Parameter of Integrated stainless steel ball valve
Model Nominal Pressure
Shell Test Pressure
Seal Test Pressure
Applicable Temperature
Applicable Medium
QJ41M/F-16C 1.6 2.4 1.8 -28~+300 (M/F) diathermic oil, water, vapour, gas, oil, nitrose corrosive medium, acetic acid corrosive medium
QJ41M/F-16C 2.5 3.8 2.8 -28~+350 (PPN)

Material of Component
Number Component Material
1 Body  ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
2 Seal ring (M/F)high strength wear-resistant carbon graphite(temperature≤300℃) (PPN)poly-p-phenylene (temperature≤350℃)
3 Ball Stainless steel
4 Packing PTFE
5 Packing gland QT450-10 ductile iron
6 Stem carbon steel, chromium stainless steel
7 lever carbon steel

Technical Parameter
Model Specifications Size
L D D 1 D 2 z-φd H b
QJ41M/F-16 15 130 95 65 45 4-14 85 14
20 150 105 75 55 4-14 95 16
25 160 115 85 65 4-14 103 16
32 180 135 100 78 4-18 105 18
40 200 145 110 85 4-18 120 18
50 230 160 125 100 4-18 195 20
65 290 180 145 120 4-18 195 20
80 310 195 160 135 8-18 215 22
100 350 215 180 155 8-18 253 24

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