Internet of Things & Big Data Promoting Intelligent Valve

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With the age of internet of things and big data, amounts of entrepreneurial opportunities are brought to intelligent hardware in traditional manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, experts also show their optimism for mobile internet and intelligence. Good prospect of capitals must promote intelligent valve to further develop and help the whole valve industry update from junior to senior. 
Although intelligent hardware products are reheated by industry, usage amount is not increasing greatly. On the one hand, the price of intelligent products is still quite high and it is quite hard for maintaining products. On the other hand, security of products is not confirmed yet. To some extent, uncertainty of intelligent products has great influence on development of intelligent valve and it is hard for attracting more investment. 
In the age of mobile internet, valve intellectualization should be established on the core of big data, combination of software and hardware and the base of integrating mobile internet, internet of things and cloud computing. The core of intellectualization is intelligence and key point is software. In terms of development of intelligent valve, integration of software and hardware will be development tendency. Hardware will be more and more like a container. Customers purchase applications and services in fact when they are buying intelligent products. Intellectualization output is just only a presentation, no matter on platform strategy and vertical field layout. Acquiring access and users flows based on establishing user viscosity in short time through back contents output are the focuses for magnates competing. 
Facing with rising and advantages of intellectualization, countless valve entrepreneurs are setting foot in entrepreneurship of mobile internet and intellectualization in succession. However they are lacking of understanding of products and supply chain or sufficient risk assessment. The tragedy that products cannot be mass produced is caused as a result. In the field of intellectual entrepreneurship, two kinds of valve entrepreneurs are the main streams. One kind is that they have already been occupied in traditional valve manufacturing industry. The other kind is that they are originated from pure developing of internet and software. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. The former is good at production, compounding, supply chain, inventory, channel and other core links while they are shortage of online marketing, management and interaction of fans which are strengths of the later. Internet entrepreneurs are more willing to receive new ideas and new technologies. Meanwhile, compared with traditional industry, new high technologies such as cloud computing are more advantageous.
The largest advantage of internet entrepreneurs is that they are closer to customers so they can better know about or cater to ideas and favors of customers. Then, they can use flatten and connectivity of internet to create newer and more efficient methods. But supply chain and inventory are the two deadliest problems to internet entrepreneurs. They should learn from each other and cooperate with each other. Further accelerating combination will be the future tendency. 
Internet of Things & Big Data Promoting Intelligent Valve
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