Pneumatic Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

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Short Description
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China Flanged Pneumatic Butterfly Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers Pneumatic Hard Seal Butterfly Valve in DN50-1200, 1.0MPa-2.5MPa, GB/T12238-1989.

Key Specifications / Features

Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve utilized a U shape seal ring which is made of stainless steel. The elastic seal ring connect with eccentric disc which has been polished. The disc separates form sealing face when valve opened and connect with sealing face when valve closed to realize sealing, having the advantages of long service life and good sealing. Applicable temperature belows 550℃. Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve is widely used for pipelines to regulate flow or closure fluid in metallurgy, petroleum, gas and other industries.
1. The butterfly valve has simple structure, light weight and convenient utilization.
2. The valve utilizes U shape stainless steel seal ring, having elasticity. The seal ring, cooperating with disc, ensure the excellent seal with the disc, under low temperature or high temperature. 
3. Three dimensional eccentricity of valve is calculated strictly. U shape seal ring has advantages of long service life and excellent seal.
4. Seal facing overlay with STL, has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life.
5. The valve has unique structure and is convenient to use.
6. Heat resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
Manufacturing: GB/T12238-1989
Flange Dimensions:
GB/T9113.1-2000: GB/T9113.2-2000
GB/T9115.1-2000: GB/T9115.2-2000
Face to Face Dimension: GB/T12221-1989
Test Standards: GB/T13927-1992;JB/T9092-1999
Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve utilizes GT pneumatic actuator, having double-acting and single-acting (spring reset). It is drove by gear, safe and reliable. Large diameter valve utilizes AW pneumatic actuator. It has reasonable structure, large torque output, double-acting and single-acting.
1. Gear dual piston, large torque output, small volume
2. Cylinder, made of aluminum gold, has light weight and beautiful form.
3. Manual handle can be installed on the top or at the bottom.
4. Gear connection can regulate opening angle and rated flow.
5. Actuator can ba attached with electric signal indication or other attachment to realize automation.
6. ISO05211 ensures installment of product
Options for accessories
Accessories based on different control or requirements
Cut off accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch echo
Regulated accessories: electric positioner, pneumatic positioner, electric converter
Air supply treatment accessories: air filtrating pressure reducing valve, air supply FRL
Manual handle: HVSD manual handle
Connection Dimensions (unit: mm)
Nominal diameter(DN) Dimensions  Flange sizes & bolt specifications
1.0MPa 1.6MPa 2.5MPa
L H H1 D1 4-Ф-M D1 4-Ф-M D1 4-Ф-M
50 43 350 112 125 Ф18 125 Ф18 125 Ф18
65 46 370 115 145 Ф18 145 Ф18 145 Ф18
80 49 380 120 160 Ф18 160 Ф18 160 Ф18
100 56 420 138 180 Ф18 180 Ф18 190 Ф23
125 64 460 164 210 Ф18 210 Ф18 220 Ф27
150 70 555 175 240 Ф23 240 Ф23 250 Ф27
200 71 605 208 295 M20 295 M20 310 M24
250 76 680 243 350 M20 355 M24 370 M27
300 83 800 283 400 M20 410 M24 430 M27
350 92 835 310 460 M20 470 M24 490 M30
400 102 915 340 515 M24 525 M27 550 M33
450 114 960 380 565 M24 585 M27 600 M33
500 127 1020 410 620 M24 650 M30 660 M33
600 154 1225 470 725 M27 770 M33 770 M36
700 165 1355 550 840 M27 840 M33 875 M39
800 190 1470 640 950 M30 950 M36 990 M45
900 203 1545 710 1050 M30 1050 M36 1090 M45
1000 216 1795 770 1160 M33 1170 M39 1210 M52
1200 254 1965 890 1380 M36 1390 M45 1420 M52

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