Research Direction of Chinese Valve Industry

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Influenced by economic, adjustment of global valve manufacturing makes industrial gravity centre, technology and investment of world top brands be transferred to China. Modern life style and sport concept advocating relaxation and nature promote consumer demands on Chinese valve market to grow highly. 
The 13th-Five-Year-Plan is started from 2016 to 2020. Challenge and opportunities, situations, demands on valve market and current problems in industry, measures and life cycle faced by Chinese valve industry during the 13th-Five-Year-Plan will be the next research direction. 
As indispensable industrial equipment and important matched mechanical product, valve is widely applied in power, petrochemistry, metallurgy, environmental protection, coal and other national economies or water conservation, urban construction and other infrastructure constructions. Among that, oil & gas, power and chemical engineering are the most important applications of valve. 2010-2014, market size of Chinese valve industry grew significantly. 
The advancement and reliability of valve relate directly to normal operation of industrial equipment and infrastructures. Technological change and industry innovation have great influence on valve industry. For several years, through technology import, absorption, self-development and technical transformation, the level of product development, design and manufacturing is high improved. Except for parts of valves having high parameters and particular valves, Chinese valve can basically meet demands in national economy and infrastructure construction. Meanwhile, Chinese valve industry is also faced with some problems. 
1. Valve industry has low market concentration. There are various enterprises and drastic competition.
2. Drastic competition exists on low and medium end market and high end market has monopolistic competition. 
3. Technical level, technological level and material technology are still relatively backward. At present, main market share and enterprise of global valve industry still concentrates in Europe, the U.S., Japan and other developed countries. 
4. Chinese valve industry is started lately. Industry standards and relevant policies or regulations still need to be innovated and enhanced. 
5. Adjustment of industrial structure and product structure makes integration and automation of valve more obvious.
In addition, maintenance service and updating become new growth points of products sale. At the same time, demands on conventional valve market reduce sharply and industry accelerates recombination and merger. Based on demand of Chinese economic society developing, the development of new valve products should be developed into valve products matching with thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large petrochemical engineering, oil & gas transmission pipeline, coal chemical industry, metallurgy and other key projects. Meanwhile, develop valve matching with exploitation equipment of land oil and offshore oil and special valve or ultra-large valve matching with metallurgy, large ethylene or high pressure polyethylene projects; develop valves made of new materials or various environmental protection valves for urban construction.
For Chinese valve industry, should start from national policies, analysis of market demand during the 13th-Five-Year-Plan, gap analysis home and abroad, formulating development objectives, strategic positioning and thought, confirming target plan of scientific problem tackling and emphasis of technical transformation, putting forward measures and strategies. Regulate industrial systems and standards, developing machinery manufacturing industry having Chinese features.
Research Direction of Chinese Valve Industry
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