Slovakia Launched a Pipe to Supply Gas to Ukraine

Posted: 09/03/2014 04:09:55   Hits: 876
On Tuesday, Slovakia announced to launch a pipe to supply gas to Ukraine from EU. It is an important step that EU provides support to Ukraine for the upgrading disputes with Russia.
Reverse gas supply means that EU will supply gas to the eastern of Europe, as one of the responses for Gazprom cutting of gas supply to Ukraine on June 16.
Arseny Yatsenyiuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine says that the pipe will meet 20% of Ukrainian gas demands. Meanwhile it also shows that further unity between Ukraine and EU. However, EU is worried about that Russia may cut off gas supply to Europe in winter due to the pipe.
When Arseny Yatsenyiuk was interviewed at a gas station of the pipe, closed to Ukrainian border, he said, “Nowadays, Ukraine can announce that Ukraine takes the significant step with Slovakia and EU to realize diversified energy supply and reduce dependence on energy.”
For dispute on gas price, Russia had ever cut off gas supply to Ukraine three times in 2006, 2009 and June in 2014. But the multi pipelines crossing through Ukraine that Russian supplies gas to Europe are not affected by disputes.   
Russia is the largest oil, coals and gas supplier for Europe. It is not the first time that transmission pipes crossing through Ukraine are impacted by political factors. The Western has friction with Russia for Russian military actions in Ukraine. And the Western had ever sanctioned Russia rigorously, due to Russia merger Crimea. 
Slovakia Launched a Pipe to Supply Gas to Ukraine
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