Three-way Internal Thread Plug Valve

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Short Description
 Model No.: X16W-1.0T    Hits: 1124
China Three-way Internal Thread Plug Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers 3-way Internal Thread Plug Valve in cast copper, DN15-50 mm, PN0.6/1.0/1.6MPa.

Key Specifications / Features

Three-way internal thread plug valve is utilized for pipeline to cut off, distribute or change flowing direction of medium. It is applicable for water, oil, steam.
Medium & pressure
Body/plug Packing Applicable Medium Working Temperature(℃)
Materials Cast copper Oil immersed asbestos plate Water,steam, oil ≤100
Nominal Diameter
Pipe Thread
PN0.6 PN1.0 PN1.6 PN0.6 PN1.0 PN1.6
15 1/2 70 70 70 78 78 78
25 1 100 100 100 123 123 123
32 11/4 120 120 120 150 150 150
40 11/2 130 130 130 160 160 160
50 2 143 143 143 186 186 186
Notes: working temperature: ≤100℃; nominal pressure: 0.6/1.0/1.6MPa.

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