DIN Cast Steel Swing Check Valve

Short Description:

  • Bonnet: Bolted bonnet or pressure seal bonnet
  • Integral body seat or renewable seat ring
  • Uni-directional
  • Swing type disc
  • Casting disc (above 4”) or forged disc ( 2” to 4”)
  • Non full opening disc of BS168 , and full opening disc of API 6D
  • Lifting lug for 4” and above
  • Supporting leg for weight above 500kg

Product Detail

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Design Standard: DIN3352, BS EN1868
Size Range: DN50 to DN 1200
Pressure Range: PN 10 to PN160
End Connections: Flanged RF, RTJ, Butt Weld
Flanged End Dimensions: DIN2543, BS EN 1092-1
Butt Weld End Dimensions: EN 12627
Face to Face Dimensions: DIN3202, BS EN 558-1
Inspection and Testing: BS EN 12266-1, DIN 3230
Materials: 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.0619, 1.7357, 1.4552, 1.4107.


NACE MR 0175
Cryogenic Testing
By Pass Valves
Renewable Seat
PTFE coated bolts & nuts
Zinc coated bolts & nuts
Special painting as per your requirements

Product Introduction

Swing check valve is also named as non return valve, is used to avoid back flow in pipelines. It’s uni directional type, so should be installed as per the flow direction which is indicated on the valve body. Because it’s swing disc design, swing check valve don’t support vertical installation, normally used for horizontal installation, so there are limits to the types of systems it can serve, and for size 2” and above. Different from other type valves, swing check valve is an automatic operation valve, no need any operation. The flow media hit the disc and force the disc swing up, so the flow media can go through, and if the flow hit the disc on the opposite side, the disc will tightly close to the seat facing , thus the fluid is not able to go through.
Swing check valves are widely used for oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, chemical, mining, water treatment, power plant, LNG, nuclear, etc.

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